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Quality. Design. Value.

"Anni Venti" in Italian means the 1920's and when the company was established in 1981, the designer Vittorio Sayahian drew his inspiration from the fashion and style of that era. Having had many years of experience in the design and manufacture of leather goods in Italy, he saw an opportunity to meet the demand in the market for beautiful leather handbags, produced to traditional high quality, yet at affordable prices.

Today Anni Venti as a brand targets those who are looking for alternatives to the repetitive designer brands at unaffordable prices. Those who seek out traditional Italian leather quality and  craftsmanship, with perhaps a modern and unique design twist and yet something which is great value are just right at Anni Venti! 



The  range of  handbags  in  various  shapes, coloursand sizes  to suit a range of purposes, means everyone can accessorise with a beautiful Italian handbag within their own budget range.

After becoming known for its exclusivity and individual designs, Anni Venti's reputation and clientele reaches locally as well internationally. As a result the even Berlin media described Vittorio Sayahian as the "King of Handbags"
Anni Venti's product range also includes accessories as well as ponchos.

A visit to Anni Venti in the heart of Berlin is always worth it.

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